EV Chargers

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EV Chargers

If you have an EV, or are planning on getting one, the ability to charge it from your solar system makes financial and environmental sense!

EVNEX E2 EV Charger

  • Charging speed:  7.4kW, 32A single phase (Up to 40km range / hour)
  • Smart Connectivity: Yes
  • New Zealand Made: Yes
  • Cable Length / Type: 5m tethered cable (Type 2 or Type 1)
  • IP Rating: IP55 indoor/outdoor
  • Solar Export Diversion: Yes
  • Carbon Emission Tracking: Yes
  • Home Overload Protection: Yes
  • Local Load Management: Yes
  • Bio Circular Plastic: 70% Bio-based enclosure
  • Connectivity: Cellular (free) or Wifi
  • Protection: Over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temp, earth fault, DC leakage protection 6mA

Getting EV Chargers installed

EV chargers can be integrated into ‘grid-tied’ and ‘off-grid’ solar systems. This can be done at the time of install, or any time later. That said, there are time and cost savings to be made by setting up your EV charger at the time you install your solar system.

Read our overview of home solar and off-grid solar systems below:

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